Hello, World!

The title of this post may not look very creative, even a bit nerdy (if you want to know why, have a look here, or here, or here). But we think it’s still appropriate to say “Hi” to every visitor to our blog, on the Home page.

Paul, Sabine, and Matz

We are Paul, Sabine, and Matz from one of the many Heidelbergs in the world. (Fun fact: Did you know that there are several “inhabited places” called “Heidelberg”? Getty’s Thesaurus of Geographical Names knows 16 of them. And even three in Germany? This is the Heidelberg we live in. Well, if we are not on a road trip.) We’re on a one-year trip into “the (Far) South”, including Southern and Eastern Africa.

Why now? Well, next Fall our son Paul will enter school and with it, a whole “new life” begins. So, we believe now is the best time and a great chance to show him things that school just cannot. And we certainly hope he’ll remember the happy bits of this trip.

“Hello, World!”

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